Tom Peters does a brain dump of the main ideas he’s discussed about design in the past 15 years. In his list, he drops some thoughts that simply reflect the era of the present and past 15 years, and in others he provides nuggets of wisdom. Here’s a sampling.

  • Everybody’s doin’ it
  • Small things are often (usually?) more important than big things.
    “It” is about the way every individual conducts himself or herself. (E.g., the hotel housekeeper, restaurant busboy.)
  • Aesthetics and usability are equally important—with perhaps a slight edge to usability. (“‘It won a prize’ is the ultimate criticism.“—Don Norman
  • “It” must be on every (literally) agenda; in project reviews of every type “it” must hold its own with, say, the budget discussion.

I only wish “it” was formatted in HTML bullets (unordered links) so it was more readable. 🙂