Today I took my first mountain bike ride near my new home in Marin County. Humbled, mud splattered, and soaked from not making it through several streams, I paused to reflect on how different the place that I’m in now is from where I was a year ago.

I spent a wonderful 3 months living on the side of a hill looking onto Mount Tamalpais in Marin with my family re-connecting with nature, and discovering the joy of living with only several bags of possessions and a new slate. With my new place and time in life, and after the small temporary move to search for a home, and a final move to that place, I’m finding myself looking, exploring, putting things in new places, getting rid of more possessions, and finding inspiration in unfamiliar spaces. I”ve been surprised by how easy it is to adjust, and by the many kind people willing to accept this odd, seemingly misplaced city boy in this slower paced town.

Over the past few years my voice seems to have gotten quieter on this site. I started blogging less, pointing less, and talking less. If you”ve met me in real life, you know I’m already a person of few words, so my voice now feels like a whisper. With the move away from city living, I also feel less inclined to do, in reaction to what’s happening around me. I feel like I’m looking for the things that I want to focus on doing. I also feel like the first few years of this blog have been about recording and continuing to define things for myself. But it also feels like it’s time to learn anew and make again—to empty my cup as I”ve done so many times before.

Best wishes for an amazing new year, everyone. May it be full of creative wonder, meaningful failures and satisfying successes. Here’s to starting over and putting a few more miles in these legs to make it through the tough spots.