Flickr have announced that they are now letting Pro account users post video up to 90 seconds to their accounts. An invitation only group called Video! Video! Video! was created to showcase some of this new content.

I’d love to post small videos to my Flickr account. I’ve always loved that my digital cameras limit me to capturing only the short moments. In a way, it reminds me of haiku, in that is forced to create poetry within the constraints and rules of the format. Within the confines of those limited spaces, some very interesting things often emerge.

In the years that I’ve used Flickr, I’ve noticed creative people using the site to express themselves in ways perhaps unintended and unimagined by the creators. I think the long awaited introduction of video will be no different. Sure, there will be people who post content that is less than artistic or interesting. But, I’m hoping you’ll see a different kind of video quality here than you see on YouTube, because of the constraints of the 90 second limit. Only time will tell. For now, I’m anxious to see what is generated in these early postings.

Here’s a very small sample video I posted so you can see the video player in action. Looks like I might have to start shooting larger video shorts now. I might also start doing the UI screencasts in Flickr rather than Vimeo.