This is a demo of an HTML Prototyping Toolkit that I’ve assembled from a few open source libraries. The idea is to create something super light so you can sketch your wireframes in HTML.

Using Templates

I’m using a jQuery template for creating columns in a grid.

Columns look like this:

{cols}  <– grid layout container
  {col12} <– 12 unit column
  {/col}  <– closed column
  {col12last}  <– 12 unit column
                   last in container
{/cols}  <– end of container

You can try out the prototypes I’m playing with here:

If you have Firebug, inspect the page to see what the templates are building.

Works with ixEdit

As I said above, this is meant to be super light and uses existing libraries. I’ll start posting the code when it’s cleaner.