MoFuse is a service that allows site owners to provide a .mobi experience for their existing sites. The service allows you simply plug an RSS feed url into your account settings for a new site, and delivers a mobile formatted version of that feed. They also provide the ability to publish as an iPhone app, using the IUI interface, which you can experience on Google and FaceBook mobile sites. The service also allows you to create static pages, and customize the colors of the UI.

The demo below shows the Konigi feed implemented as a mofuse site. I haven’t gotten around to doing feeds that provide screenshots, so you”ll see only text for content.

konigi Mobile - iPhone Preview on MoFuse

The free service allows publishing under the mofuse .mobi domain, e.g. our Konigi demo is at, and includes analytics tools. You can also monetize your site using AdMob or Google Adsense—you”ll do a 50% revenue share with MoFuse. For $6 USD, you can upgrade your account to use your own domain, provide a header logo, and get 100% of your ad revenue.

The functionality you provide is fairly limited, but this can be a nice simple implementation of the IUI experience for sites that don’t want to invest the time in creating a mobile format for their sites.