Pacemaker, the mobile MP3 DJ device that debuted last year with a 120 GB hard drive, is getting a 2.0 release this spring and offering an additional lower capacity 60 GB hard drive option, and a new user interface.

I was enamored with this device and the way they could incorporate most of the possible mixer and track selection controls for 2 deck track mixing into a single, albeit large, handheld device with their original product UI. The newly redesigned UI looks like it made some usability tweaks and subtle improvements. For instance, there’s a new scrolling behavior that highlights your alpha headings. Some filtering options look like they’d be welcome improvements as well. For those that actually DJ, there are a bunch of new effects in there too it seems. The hardware remeains the same.

Now the lower price point and an improved UI, I might actually get one of these. It’s still pricey, but over the years my use of 1200s, Trakktor, and Torq have diminished to near nothing. I get by now playing with a DS KORG. I miss DJing, but this may be the toy for me.