Confirming Passwords Is Annoying: Is There a Better Way?

This an article from March 09 by Kevin Vigneault of Viget that explores some techniques using Javascript to create more usable password inputs in forms. The ideas range from using a checkbox or button to temporarily show the password or changing type from text to password when the input is not in focus. Great ideas.

If you're interested in this topic, you might also want to check out Chris Dary's experiments with password masking.

Log in or sign up?

Leah Culver discusses the design of hybrid sign up / login forms, showing a few examples and the final form as implemented for Leafy Chat. Uses the familiar I’m a customer/I’m new here radios that we know from Amazon, but positions it before the password field, which I find an improvement over the Amazon implementation. Lots of ideas in the comments.

Meet the super-light HTML prototyping toolkit in under 3 minutes

This is a demo of an HTML Prototyping Toolkit that I’ve assembled from a few open source libraries. The idea is to create something super light so you can sketch your wireframes in HTML.

Using Templates

I’m using a jQuery template for creating columns in a grid.

Columns look like this:

{cols}  <– grid layout container
  {col12} <– 12 unit column
  {/col}  <– closed column
  {col12last}  <– 12 unit column
                   last in container
{/cols}  <– end of container

You can try out the prototypes I’m playing with here:

If you have Firebug, inspect the page to see what the templates are building.

Works with ixEdit

As I said above, this is meant to be super light and uses existing libraries. I’ll start posting the code when it’s cleaner.

Ultimate Guide To Grid-Based Web Design

Noupe offers up a complete guide to techniques and tools for designing web layouts with grids. Includes basic information about grid design, links to more articles on specific aspects of grid-based design from other sites, links to all of the CSS grid-based layout frameworks I’ve heard of and a few that are new to me, and showcase of sites.

Via @zakiwarfel

The Process Toolbox, part eight: Prototyping

Simon Collison writes about the different forms of prototyping in ErskineLabs’ Process Toolbox, describing the benefits of paper, wireframe, and browser prototypes.

As much as all parties may talk about requirements and argue over features, often they won’t really “get it” until they can see the concept represented visually, and understand its exact behaviour. This brings us on to various methods of prototyping.

Found via I ♥ wireframes. Read more at Erskine Labs.

Usabilla Travel Site Test: Underdogs beat Expedia in usability showdown

Usabilla was ran usability tests to compare the usability of four travel sites and has posted the results. Their analysis concludes that Expedia gets defeated by its competitors Hotwire, Priceline, and Travelocity on basic usability tasks. Expedia performed the worst in a usability showdown between the four major international travel sites. A total of 148 people participated in this usability test and tried to perform three basic tasks on one of the four websites.

Read the result analysis at the Usabilla blog.