MIT UID Teatime Blog

The User Interface Design Group at MIT has started their Teatime Blog. Info about the blog from entry #1:

The sharing of knowledge and ideas is of fundamental importance to the advancement of technology. With this goal in mind, MIT’s User Interface Design group meets once a day at Tea Time to brainstorm new ideas, review new technologies and ideas, and share their experiences working in the field.

If we hope to herald innovation by sharing ideas with a research group , then there’s a boundless value to sharing ideas and thoughts with the world at large. With this goal in mind, we will post a daily log of the musings and observations we discuss in our tea time meetings, and welcome your thoughts and comments about Human Computer Interaction, User Interface Design, and increasing the value and effectiveness of how we use technology

50 Stunning Examples of a Great Redesign

Function lists 50 great redesigns in a wide range of industries and product types from logos to automobile design.

A redesign can be worth its weight in gold if you get it right. There is a thin line between freshening up your design, and taking a step backwards with a redesign. Sometimes a redesign can be subtle and simple, and other times it can be a huge re-vamp of a company and it’s goals.

I don’t agree with every redesign in the list, like AT&T, but this is a well thought-out and annotated compilation with some wonderful examples of brand and product transformations. Some are subtle, while others are dramatic. All transform the original in very creative ways.

GazoPa Image Search

Gazopa provides image upload and drawing interfaces for image search. The idea of finding similar images by comparing against a submitted image or drawing is not new, but search tools that use this tech have failed to catch on in consumer sites. People with information retrieval background might be familiar with IBM’s QBIC, query by image content, technology for instance.

Gazopa looks very interesting, and the results are not bad at all, even with my crude bicycle drawing above. The Flash drawing tool is a little rough around the edges, but I’m sure that will improve as well. Looks like one of the best attempts to bring this to the masses so far.

Product Planner - View and Create User Flows, Viral Loops, and More.

Product Planner is one an brilliant idea. Deconstruct the user flow of web sites, illustrate the flow with annotated screenshot flowcharts, allow users to copy the flow and reuse on the site. Like Konigi, this does a great job of capturing examples of alternative approaches to interaction, showcases them for you to compare, and allows you to select the best examples to learn from and inform you of approaches you may not have thought of. Excellent.

Here's an example flow chart of a sign up loop.

Sign Up Loop - New

View more Twitter user flows.