When to Use Which User Experience Research Methods

UseIt offers some advice for when to use which user experience research methods in a 4 quadrant grid.

You can’t use the full set of methods on every project, but most design teams benefit from combining insights from multiple research methods. The key question is what to do when. To better understand when to use which method, it is helpful to realize that they differ along 3 dimensions:

1) Attitudinal vs. Behavioral
2) Qualitative vs. Quantitative
3) Context of Website or Product Use


4 Great Resources for Free Printable Graph Paper

If you’ve come here for the free wireframe and storyboard graph paper, you might also be interested in these 4 great resources for free printable graphpaper with uses for craftmaking, math, science, and writing.

  • Incompetech and PrintFreeGraphPaper
    Generator that does a ton of different formats including some excellent specialty papers, e.g. music notation, perspective drawings, geometric grids, and more.
  • Print Free Graph Paper
    Generator with graph papers for science and math e.g. polar, isometric, logarithmic, hexagonal, probability, and Smith Chart grids.
  • PocketMod
    Small notebook generator that let’s you print a customizable 8 page notebook from a single folded 8 12” x 11” sheet of paper. Add graph paper pages, to do lists, calendars, games, and RSS feeds.
  • Printable Paper
    Several grid and lined paper including a bowling score sheet. Seems like scoring/stats sheets for a few other sports, e.g. baseball, might be a popular addition.