Flash Files Will To Be Indexed by Search Engines

Adobe have released a special Flash Player to Google and Yahoo! that will allow the search engines to crawl SWFs and index their content.

Adobe is providing optimized Adobe Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo! to enhance search engine indexing of the Flash file format (SWF) and uncover information that is currently undiscoverable by search engines.

This player will apparently behave like user going through a Flash site and index content as it interacts with the site. It's about time.


BusinessWeek Best and Worst of the Web

BusinessWeek selects a jury to pick the best and worst designed web sites.

BusinessWeek canvassed the Web’s best and brightest designers—from Khoi Vinh of The New York Times’ Web site to Don Norman, Silicon Valley’s chief usability guru—to find out which site designs they rate — and which ones they hate.



SproutCore has been getting some buzz after the June Apple WWDC, where SproutCore was demoed. This is an MVC framework that builds a standards-based application that runs entirely in the browser and is not tied to a single scripting language to power the back end. The framework is being used to drive the new MobileMe service from Apple.

SproutCore is a framework for building applications in JavaScript with remarkably little amounts of code. It can help you build full “thick” client applications in the web browser that can create and modify data, often completely independent of your web server, communicating with your server via Ajax only when they need to save or load data.

There is a review of SproutCore in Ars Technica, with lengthy discussion about some browser issues that may affect the decision to use it.


2008 Web Design Trends

Web Designer Wall has compiled an amazing list of trends in web design for 2008.

So what’s hot now? Pencil sketches, handwritten notes, card stocks, watercolor effects, collage art, script fonts, grungy and splatter ink backgrounds (glossy gradients are not “in” this year). Another trend to be on the lookout for are the vintage and retro styles which I’ve posted earlier this year. Here is a list of 82 sites picked from Best Web Gallery that show the current design trends.