Art and Design Movie Quotes

I've made it a habit to try and find documentaries about an art/craft to watch whenever I fly, so it made sense to take notes as I would in my journal and put them up here for inspiration. You'll find quotes from the following movies here:

Sound City (2013)

Keith Olsen, producer engineer, on the role of the producer.

"He is the vehicle to get the artist's creativity on the tape in a way that is accessible to the marketplace. What you have to do is get the listener to claim what you've done as theirs."

Trent Reznor on digital tools and starting with a message.

"Now that everyone is empowered with these great tools to create stuff has there been a lot more great shit coming up? Not really. You have to have something to do with those tools. You should really try to have something to say."

Dave Grohl / James Brown on constraints.

"One of the things that I think makes good music is some sort of restriction. ... That's where 24 track mentality comes in. You commit to what it is. With Pro Tools you can always come back to it, or you can change it, or you can add to it to try and make it work, because you're being forced to make choices--creative ones."

Dave Grohl on creativity.

"Do it. Make it simple. Make it fast. Don't overthink it. Let it come straight out of you and do it.”


Side by Side (2012)

Director Danny Boyle on the evolution of movie watching from the movie theater to computer and mobile devices.

You gotta go with it, and if you become unable to deal with it, then thats fine because it means your time is finished and it's time for othe people to take it on.

Vittorio Storaro, cinematographer on accepting change.

Unless you are participating in the revolution, we will be lost in past. We can’t count ourselves out and say, “We don’t care. It’s up to you guys.” No. So we have to be in.

Michael Ballhause, cinematographer, on creativity and medium.

Everything comes down to one thing. If you do something with your heart. If you do something you're convinced of and feel about it, it doesn't matter what you're using.


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