Go Light

I started keeping a journal in 2011 about a personal project I had undertaken towards simplifying aspects of my life. The impetus came after downsizing homes, having children, and realizing that things I had accumulated began to require more space, maintenance, and attention than I was willing to give. Possessing things began to cost more than the enjoyment they provided in return.

My wife is an un-clutterer, and easily lets go of things. I on the other hand, with my taste for electronics, hand-crafted goods, and toys, am quite the opposite. Going down this path has been a challenge, and writing about it has helped me overcome it.

I have read a good deal about the topic, from ideas about attachment and its relationship to suffering, to the more practical aspects of uncluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle. I began with the easy stuff first, beginning by giving up many of my possessions and changing my consumer behavior and lifestyle.

This is an ongoing series of essays I am writing for myself about aspirations to live lighter, from becoming a more conscientious and responsible consumer, to living a more pragmatic and simple lifestyle. I've found that writing about it has helped me reflect on how to apply the ideas to my work.

Michael Angeles
16 August, 2013. Fairfax, CA.