The Sketch Book


This is a small journal and mini book about the approach I take when sketching for interface and interaction design.

I'm writing this as I enter what I think may be my 17th year making web sites. The only thing I can say with each passing year is that what I know is still so very little compared to what I have yet to learn. Each time I learn of a new way of working I feel energized and excited about the work I do. This is how I've felt about sketching as part of the design process, and why I decided to capture what I was thinking in this journal.

I started this project to publish the speaking notes from a talk I gave at Asbury Agile in October 2012. The plan is to continue to update it as I learn more, become more experienced with sketching software and web products, and modify my approach. On the surface, it will seem to most like the message is overly simplistic and the points obvious. I'm a simple person, but I have an easy time complicating things. Having a set of guidelines to keep me focussed on what's important keeps me from falling into that trap.

If you're interested in the presentation deck, you can View the Slides on Slideshare. The deck is missing several videos that I used in the presentation, but they're reproduced in the pages found here on Konigi.

Enjoy, and if you have any feedback please contact me.

Mike Angeles
Mill Valley, CA, 10 Oct. 2012

Also given at General Assembly, User Experience Immersive 7/10/13