The new Blogger Draft text editor shares some of the behaviors of the rich text editor in Gmail, and as commenter points out, uses the same icons used in Google Pages. Blogger and Pages use beveled buttons rather than using the more minimalist style of the borderless icons in Gmail. One might argue that these controls are actually more usable because the states of toggles and the affordances supplied by buttons and dropped down menus should be obvious. The interface controls are simple and easy to use.

1. Font face selection is triggered via a drop down menu.
2. Font size is shown as relative values.
3. Font color selection.
4. Link creation dialog.
5. Selected text shown as link. When links are selected controls are displayed in the editor to modify the link.
6. Inserting an image via upload.
7. Inserting an image via URL.
8. Inserted image is shown with controls to modify the image.
9. Bulleted list format. Control is shown toggled on.
10. Tagging and post options.
11. Previewing content.
12. Text editor in context of the page.