Newsweek uses Clearspring's Flash widgets to display top read and emailed stories as a content delivery module in a sidebar. This module is like most top story modules provided on news sites, e.g. NY Times, but the interesting features are the ability to adjust the range of stories by time (notice the nice slider control) and to embed the module as a widget. While this module is implemented as Flash, there is no reason it can't be done as XHTML and Javascript.

1. Top 10 module showing "Most Viewed" and "Past 7 days" time slice selected. Can also view "Most emailed."
2. Time slice (slider control in lower right corner) adjusted to "Past 7 days."
3. Clicking the "Clip this" icon in the upper right displays the Clearspring widget controls to Email and Embed this module in an external site.
4. Clicking the "Preview" link for any story displays a summary of the story in a lightbox.