Hulu Channel Drop Down Menu

Hulu's drop down menu for channels stretches to the width of the design and provides a multi-column grid of channels. This method of running a drop down or flyout menu left-to-right rather than top-to-bottom allows interface designers to present longer lists of options without worrying about what appears in relation to the fold, and forcing scroll on longer lists.

OnSugar Site Publishing

Sugar Inc. releases the OnSugar Blogging platform to let Sugar community members start their own sites. Based on the Drupal platform, OnSugar provides some very nice modifications to clean up and simplify the posting and content management interfaces provided by the popular open source CMS.

What I like most about what they've done with Drupal is the clean tabbed UI for content creation, the media embedding options for inserting images from Getty, ShopStyle, and Fashion week photos, and the excellent spread editor. Sugar have really thought about what users in their demo want from a CMS, since they're designing for themselves in a sense. One can only hope that what they've achieved here will be rolled back or inspire the content entry interfaces in future Drupal versions.

1. Registration
2. Site creation.
3. Site page with no content. User menu in a fixed position at the top.
4. New post entry form.
5. New "Spread" entry form. Spreads give users the ability to design a content spread.
6. Image selection from featured external partner sources.
7. The spread editor. Dragging and dropping media to lay out the spread.
8. Content published in user's site.
9. User's OnSugar dashboard.

Umbrella Today Weather Forecasts

Umbrella Today is a dead simple single serving site that delivers your weather forecast with a twist. Enter your zip code and it tells you if you need an umbrella#38212;if it's raining of course. Give the service your phone number, and they'll SMS you whenever the forecast calls for rain.

1. Enter your zip code.
2. The confirmation screen tells you if you need an umbrella today. Enter your phone number to get SMS notifications.
3. Enter the confirmation code sent to your phone via SMS.
4. Confirmation tells you're ready to accept the alerts, and gives you options to unsubscribe.

Everymoment Now News Visualization

everymomentnow is a beautiful news visualization site designed and developed by Craig Mod. The idea is to provide a sense of volume and correlation between keywords within a given subject area. The current incarnation focuses on Obama/McCain in the news.

The clean, minimalist interface allows the user to visualize spikes in news article occurrences for each keyword a the highest level. You choose a single focal point using a keyword (e.g. Obama or McCain) or a date restriction, and the site displays the news articles indexed for that entry point. A much richer interface is also displayed for exploring the set of news articles by other keywords associated with the current keyword/date focus. So you could look at Obama + 9/16/08, or Wall Street + 9/16/08. Presently the interface doesn't allow for a combination of multiple keywords, e.g. Obama + Wall Street + 9/16/08.

1. Main page for Obama/McCain news articles.
2. Detail page for "Obama + 9/16/08." More link at bottom of articles displays more articles in page via AJAX.
3. Date Control shows range of dates to filter the current set.
4. Volume control in upper right: titles only, titles and truncated teaser, titles and long teaser.
5. Keyword selection. Allows user to change the keyword criteria for current day.
6. The "Quick Context" bar at the top allows the user to select one of the candidates or running mates as the focus.

Fancast Video Player

The Fancast has a simple video player interface with typical features. No advanced features like clipping (although it does allow sharing scenes) and the features it does have are not available in full screen mode. Additionally, accessing any of those features, e.g. sharing and embedding, pauses playback. I like the simplicity of the design, but the video player could reach some parity in terms of functionality with what video users are becoming accustomed to.

1. The video page (truncated here) showing player in the stage area, other episodes and clips as well as related videos below the fold.
2. Video controls display upon hover over the player.
3. Showing rating controls. Clicking video controls in the right sidebar creates a modal shift, and video playback pauses.
4. Embed controls.
5. Share controls displayed in a lightbox. Not sure why this is such a drastic modal dialog compared with the others.

Yammer Microblogging

Yammer is a Twitter clone for companies. The service works for users under a single company domain, and provides a combination of microblogging and presence/status information following in the footsteps of ervices like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

1. Sign Up.
2. Home page and content entry screen.
3. Updates are shown immediately in the page.
4. Clicking a hashtag displays only entries with that tag applied.
5. Member listing.
6. Tag listing.

YouTube Localization

YouTube's localization options limit content to submissions from a particular country, and the language selection options allow users to change the interface language. This is one of those interfaces that becomes clear when you've clicked the links, because the option are hidden until you click the "Worldwide" link. Qualifying labels like "Content: World | Lang: En (US)" might make these very obvious. It's nice that YouTube gives you that content selector. I'm just not sure how this plays in other countries when there is a dual content/language choice like this. Simplest manifestation of this in most sites is just to switch languages, in which case flags are usually pretty clear.

1. Default state for content/language options when viewing in U.S.
2. Clicking "Worldwide" makes it clear that this is a content selection option and shows countries to limit the content scope.
3. Selecting "English" shows the language options for the interface.
4. The resulting changed state after switching to France/Francais.

CBS Navigation

The CBS site features a drop down menu that spans the entire width of the layout when the user hovers over shows. Wide drop downs are not unusual, and for a time appeared on the site when they experiencing the growth of their departments. On CBS, this type of interface is used to display as many of the network's shows as it can, segmenting them by airing time and format.

Below the navigation the site shows featured shows in a promotional module with a carousel UI. Lower down in the page, the featured and algorithmic lists of videos are presented in carousels as well.

1. Home page.
2. Hovering over the "Shows" link in the global navigation displays wide drop down menu.

IKEA Navigation

IKEA's navigation menus feature a simple navigation bar on the top of the layout. The most important entry points are shown as is a button for new items. A drop down menu at right for the rest of the top level entry points. Within each section, tree navigation interfaces are provided for browsing more deeply within the section.

1. Home page.
2. "Living Room" selected in the global navigation. Local navigation appears in the left sidebar.
3. Selecting a local nav link in the left sidebar expand that branch of the local tree.
4. Selected links in the tree are highlighted.
5. The "All Departments" link in the global navigation displays the expanded top level of the tree.
6. Selecting a branch in "All Departments" doesn't display a selected link in the global nav.