I’ve hinted at starting to play with music for a little while now. I’ve gotten past the point of just being overwhelmed and uncertain about whether I can learn to create music, and am now immersed in learning. Here’s the story, and why you may start to see me blog about music now.

In 2013 I committed to teaching a mixing (DJing) workshop to a group of colleagues, having rediscovered mixing with digital music. I mixed house and electronic music as a teenager (because Filipino) and college student, and then bedroom DJ through the years until I settled into an IA/IXD career, had kids, etc. I returned to bedroom DJ status when I acquired Traktor, and that’s rekindled the love I have for electronic music.

In the year since I started mixing again, I’ve rediscovered a love for deep house, techno, ambient, and electronic music in general. I found a wonderful piano teacher where I live and have been taking piano lessons and learning music production. This year I made a commitment to start making my own music with the goal of putting it on the Internet.

There’s something gratifying about the beginning of a new project. Learning a new skill from zero feels daunting. I have some history and references to draw upon. I’ve begun to study and do research to become steeped in the language and tools of the craft. I’ve started to read everything I can find about creators in that field, and yearn to know how they create. I realize with excitement that there is a lot to learn.

I think some people find it odd that I’m starting this new pursuit this late in life. The best way I know how to deal with an itch is to scratch it. So I’m starting this music blog to share my thoughts in this new pursuit. I’m already finding a lot of spillover into other creative work as I do this, so maybe that will be interesting to others. For some, this may be a reason to stop following this blog, and I fully understand.

For those that stick around, thanks for taking the time to read this and explore with me. -Michael