Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Downloads

If you've ordered a product that includes a file, e.g. stencils and icons, you will be sent download information from e-junkie upon completion of your order.

Logging In To Your Account

1) Do you need your login/password information?

You should have received an email with your login credentials when you purchased the product. If you didn't get this info, you can reset your account password from this page:

2) Are you already logged in?

If and when you have your login/password confirmed, head back to Konigi and log in via:

If you're not on your account page, click the "Account" link (person icon) in the upper right side of the header.

If you bought a digital download prior to 2010, you can find your orders on your account page. Beneath your user name you'll see a link for "Files." Click that and you'll find a link for your download.

If you have any trouble, please click the Contact link below to email us and we'll get things working for you: