DelveUI Discount for Konigi Readers

Konigi and the DelveUI conference are offering 20% off to the first 15 users to respond

DelveUI is a masterclass workshop being offered in Brooklyn, New York on Aug 5-6, 2009. The 2 day mini-conference consists of a series of masterclasses conducted by expert practitioners, authors and thinkers of the biggest topics facing those of us who design and develop for digital, interactive spaces.

Spend two days in Brooklyn for this special event learning the ins and outs of creating beautiful and meaningful web interfaces with a killer lineup of masters in the craft. Speakers include UX pros Lou Rosenfeld, Jina Bolton, Jeff Croft, Scott Jehl, Andrew Maier, Jamey Kosoy, Jason Santa Maria, Ryan Stewart, Theresa Neil, Robert Hoekman, Joshua Porter, Anders Ramsay, and Todd Zaki Warfel.

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