Navigating around dashboard UI's

This entry submitted by user rock85.

I work for a company that deals with automation and monitoring of a bucketload of equipment on board yachts. All that equipment sends its own bucketload of data to the system, and it's up to us to relay that info to the user, a member of the crew.

We needed to devise a way to navigate through the UI quickly in order to quickly show the data the crew-member wants.Crew-members don't have time to sit comfortably behind a desk and use a mouse for pixel-precise clicking to find the data they need. When they use the UI, they do it fast and real fast, because they have to get on with that higher goal.

This meant that the UI needed to be adapted to this behavior. They, the crewmembers, want the data and the relation between several sets of data and they want it now. Dashboard UI's, the kind we use, are ideal for fast information overviews, but how do you navigate across multiple dashboard screens with comparable speed and ease?