Creating a Google+ Menubar Application

I don't spend my whole day in Gmail or other Google sites, but I like the idea of checking in on Google+ occasionally. Until G+ comes up with a standalone client, I'm installing it as a menubar application on my Mac using Fluid, a trick I use for Pivotal as well, inspired by the article on how to do the same with Basecamp.

Might be a temporary solution, but the result looks like this on my Mac.

Here's the instructions for doing this yourself if you have Plus.


  1. Download and launch Fluid from here:
  2. Download a Google+ icon in PNG format. I found this one on Premium Pixels to be good.

Create App

  1. URL:
  2. Name: Google+
  3. Location: Applications
  4. Icon: Select other and browse to the icon you saved above.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Success dialog window appears. Cick "Launch Now."
  7. Sign in.
  8. Select the menu: Google+ > Convert to Menu Extra SSB, and click OK in the dialog window.

Google+ icon should now appear in your menubar and you can click it to open Google+ in a drop down window. Drag the grippie in the corner to change the window size. Use two-finger scrolling to move in the window, because window scrollbars will be suppressed.