Back From a Break

So, I pretty much took the week off from blogging because I was having a little bit of a creative block this week after finishing off a project and starting a new one. I also had a little bit of a let down after seeking out an estimate to create custom notebooks with my graph paper. Of course, I wanted to do a really high quality book, with a scored cover like the Rhodia, but the quote came in so high that I got really discouraged. So I stepped away from the blog to focus on other things.

I spent this week doing some competitive research on the new project, and doing other creative things, like helping my son do some animation in Flash, playing with Ableton Live, cycling of course, and watching Le Tour. But now I'm back and ready to start posting again and starting a new podcast recording. I gathered a bunch of sites I want to share with you and you should start seeing them next week.

As for the notepads, I have some ideas for making that happen, and I'm going to start developing some new parts of this site related to that. Stay tuned.