To Change Effectively, Change Just One Thing

Peter Bregman writes about how finding the simplest solution provides the most effective path to change. In his story he talks about how changing one thing, one habit or pattern of behavior, permitted him to be effective at losing weight. This simple strategy contrasts with the multitude of diet books that suggest entire regimine of change in order to lose weight.

It's a great tale that Bregman uses to illustrate how simplifying a process or dealing with a challenge can sometimes be most effectively handled by reducing it to its essence, and devoting 100% of energy on a singular action. I think there's no doubt that this practice, whether it's in finding a touch point for a strategy or determining a singular idea behind a project's goal is pretty powerful.

I can see this kind of focus working well for me if I remember to keep the one thing in mind. I'm finding the idea compelling enough that I tacked it on my wall to remind me of the focus of my current project.

Link via @jc