Rachel Hinman (Nokia Research Lab) talks about UX design in emerging markets @ UPA 2010, Munich

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“Technology is a Cultural Practice”- Opening keynote, Rachel Hinman (Nokia Research Lab)

UPA 2010 opens with this fabulous keynote that represents the conference theme so well: "Embracing Cultural Diversity – User Experience Design for the World"

How do you design a mobile money service for people in rural Uganda who’ve never had a bank account?
How do you test the usability of a mobile phone’s address book for users in rural India who’ve never had an address… let alone an analogue address book?
As cheap PCs and inexpensive mobile phones flood the global market, usability and user experience professionals will encounter more and more questions like these. These questions challenge not only our research tools and methodologies, but our fundamental assumptions about how people engage with technology.
In this keynote, Rachel will share her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities presented by emerging markets and the metamorphosis our field must undergo in order to create great user experiences across different cultures.

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