Off to Work in Italy

I'm off to work in Italy for a week with the Balsamiq team, so no posting on Konigi while I'm gone.

For the travelers who care about packing on the light side, here's how I'm going to roll on a single carryon bag.

- Goruck GR2 backpack (first trip with this bag)
- Gear
-- Mac short power cord
-- Euro travel adapter plug
-- Mini USB cords (I have a different set, but Griffin's looks cool)
-- Platypus 1L collapsible water bottle
-- Glasses
-- Sunglasses
-- Rite in the Rain notebook
-- Pen (Pilot G2)
-- Lumix camera and charger (bringing an older compact Panasonic Luimix DMCTZ5)
-- MacBook Air
-- Bose Headphones
- Toiletries
-- Adventure Medical Kit .9
-- Bug repellent wipes and wristband (I'm a mosquito magnet)
-- Sunscreen
-- Medication
-- Razor
-- Travel toothbrush
-- Travel toothpaste and mini floss
- Eagle Creek packing folder
-- 4 pair Capilene underwear
-- 3 bathing shorts
-- 4 Nike dry fit tshirts
-- 3 Nike dry fit polo shirts
-- 3 pair socks
-- 1 travel pants
-- 1 Patagonia Sun Hoody
- Sandals

Since it's a trip to Italy, I also temporarily upgraded my phone to an international data plan.

All packed in a single carryon bag that weighs in around 21 pounds. If I could leave the computer and other electronic gear behind, I think it would come in around 18-19 pounds, but this is a work trip. I'm also wearing a pair of Patagonia Guide pants, a Swobo wicking polo, and sneakers.