Google's Quick Search Box is a QuickSilver-like launcher that lets you search your computer for applications and data, as well as search the web, and your Google Apps accounts. I presume this will also eventually replace the search interface provided by Google Desktop. The project is in beta and is provided via the Labs.

From their blog:

One of our goals at Google is to make your search experience as fluid as possible. While much of our work is focused on, we're trying to make it just as easy to search outside your browser.

For the last year, we have been working on a new, open-source quick search box. Today, we are releasing our first developer preview for the Mac.

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patternBrowser is an amazing design pattern library produced by the Interface Design Team of the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. I've spent a little time looking through the interaction design category, and there's a lot of great examples there, and most importantly they've done the work of organizing and describing each problem/solution thoroughly. Check it out.

Wikipedia has an excellent table of JavaScript frameworks that compares the features of Dojo, Echo3, Ext, Google Web Toolkit, jQuery, midori, MochiKit, MooTools, Prototype &, Pyjamas, qooxdoo, Rialto, Rico, YUI, and SweetDEV RIA.

How cool is this? A CSS Design gallery showing sites as viewed through the iPhone.

IxDA's second annual conference, Interaction '09|vancouver is coming up from Feb 5-8.

Interaction 09|vancouver will be held from February 5-8, 2009 in stunning Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in conjunction with Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Technology and the Faculty of Business Administration. Join several hundred Interaction Designers from around the world as we address the design of interactive systems of all types: applications (web and desktop), mobile, consumer electronics, digitally enhanced environments, and more. Start your year off with stimulating talk, fun parties, and smart discussions about our growing field.

Interaction 09 will feature three days of inspirational and tactical sessions geared at anyone who practices Interaction Design, as well as a day of pre-conference workshops.

Six revisions showcases 20 sites that use typography exceptionally well.

Whitney Hess asked some of the most influential and widely respected practitioners in UX what they consider to be the biggest misperceptions of what we do. The result is not only a terrific list that debunks myths, but an excellent compilation of quotes that better describe what UX is about than a clinical definition can. Those who were quoted described UX as many things, from the reach and touch of customers with products and companies, to the processes we use and the roles we play when we take part in its design.

The Top 10 list of what user experience design is NOT…

1. …user interface design
2. …a step in the process
3. …about technology
4. …just about usability
5. …just about the user
6. …expensive
7. …easy
8. …the role of one person or department
9. …a single discipline
10. …a choice

Of course you're going to have to read the article to get what those points mean. But in essence all of these observations debunk myths that UXD is any one thing among the many parts that might describe it. User experience is both tangible and intangible--it's just exists when people decide to participate in the use of a thing. UX Design is the many parts in a holistic approach to design or enable the use of the thing, and every aspect related to its use.

This is a cool browser-based CSS grid generator created by Rasmus Schultz of Lets you quickly set some column, gutter, and margin sizes using forms inputs or button controls. Similarly you can set typography with form controls, and the results are shown on screen. When you're happy, you can bookmark your work, and export the CSS. Sweet.

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