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Astropad: Use iPad as Mac Graphics Tablet

AstroPad turns your iPad into a Mac graphics tablet, mirroring a section of your Mac’s screen when connected via WiFi or USB. Once connected you can sketch/draw on the tablet with an iPad stylus or finger. It will operate pretty much like a Wacom graphics tablet when you’re using a Desktop graphics app with a drawing tool like Pixelmator, Photoshop, or Sketchbook Pro.

UX Check

UX Check is a Google Chrome extension for reviewing web sites and apps against Jakob Neilsen’s Usability Heuristics.

The tool opens the heuristics in a side panel next to the website you enter. You select a problem area on the screen, related to one of the usability heuristics and a callout appears for you to add notes and recommendations. When you're done a report is available with screenshots and your notes for each issue. You can download the report as HTML or in Word .docx format.

Looks like a nice tool for evaluating web sites in Chrome, as long as the pages you're reviewing have selectable DOM elements.

AniJS: Declarative handling library for CSS animations

AniJS is a library for CSS animations that allows you to write simple statements for handling animation as key/value pairs in html data attributes. It feels very close to writing natural language statements, in a format that is a bit more familiar in code than writing sentences.

A simple example contains IF, ON, DO, and TO pairs and would look like this:

<input id="name" type="text" data-anijs="if: focus, do: wobble, to: p">

Really nice and an easy technique for prototyping. Check it out.


uilang is a minimal, ui-focused programming language for web designers that handles click events, primarily for toggling classes and css display properties. I love the natural language approach to scripting in uilang. You just insert a statement in a code block like this and it works magically:

<code>clicking on ".try-it" toggles class "hidden" on ".info-box"</code>

You still have to write your CSS to handle things like effects, but that's a plus if you don't want or need someone else's implementation of those things. Check it out.

/ht Leon

Coolio Emoticon for HipChat

It bothers me that Hipchat doesn't have a (coolio) emoticon. How can they ship without one? Shameful.

I'll forgive the oversight and provide one to fill the gap.