Balsamiq UX Template

This template is made for UI designers using Balsamiq Mockups that want to create polished, client-ready presentation decks. It includes a few example pages for basic UX document needs (journey maps, personas, wireframe pages), a Symbol Library for controls crafted in Konigi-style, and grid Symbols to keep your layout tight.

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Graph Paper

Printable graph paper files for interface sketching. You'll find styles for wireframing user interfaces and story boarding interaction. These pages are great for sketching, but also work well when producing high fidelity drawings.

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OmniGraffle UX Template

An OmniGraffle Pro (version 5) template for User Experience Designers with the formats you'll need most for interface and interaction design. Sized so you can work at 100%, and print at 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17".

In this template you'll find shared layers (masters) for a title page, wireframe, wireframe/storyboard hybrid, simple storyboard, and storyboard with notes.

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OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils

This is a set of shapes for making wireframes (low-fidelity web page schematics) in OmniGraffle version 5.x (Mac OS X). It consists of most of the basic elements you'll need to create user interface specifications. The stencils on Konigi update the wireframe stencils that I previously maintained at urlgreyhot.

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Schedule and Cost Summary Calculator

This Cost Estimate and Scheduling spreadsheet provides a lightweight method for learning to estimate time to complete a web design project, and calculating cost for completion. The intended audience is individual freelancers or contractors. This may not be an ideal format for the calculation of project team estimates.

The purpose of the document is to teach you to get acquainted with spreadsheets as tools for cost estimation, with the hopes that you will learn to use and modify it to suit your needs. Please note that this is only meant to be learning a tool and must be customized to be useful to you. This is NOT meant to be an out of the box solution.

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Sketch Template for Mac App Design

This is a template for doing desktop application design using Sketch, a vector illustration tool for the Mac. The template provides the starting point for creating visual design comps and includes an application window with a few basic elements: window, scrollbars, window title and several icons, sidebar, some styled text, system buttons, radios, and checkboxes..

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Sketchbooks: DIY Instructions

This is a guide for creating your sketchbooks like those previously sold here at Konigi, using wire binding machines and the printable graph papers available on this site.

The illustrated step-by-step tutorial shows you the typical steps for planning, gathering materials, and binding sketchbooks using a small square book example.

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Text Snippets

Text snippets for wireframing and HTML prototyping.

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Wireframe Magnets (DIY Kit)

This DIY magnet template is based on the Konigi wireframe stencils and includes 3 sheets of elements that might be useful in whiteboard prototyping. Simply download and print the PDFs onto magnet sheets, optionally laminate them so they're usable with dry-erase markers, and cut.

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