Brosho - Design CSS in the browser

This plugin allows you to reduce the amount of time spent switching between browser windows. With this jquery plugin included on a page, you’ll be able to select individual elements and write css code for it right in your browser. Changes are updated on the fly, so you can see your style changes as you write them.

The CSS generated by your edits can then be generated and copy-pasted into your stylesheet file for minor edits.

This is a really useful if you like the live-update abilities of Firebug on Firefox but would like a cleaner way to export your css changes.


SimpleDiagrams is an Adobe AIR desktop application for diagramming. It’s useful for simple illustrations that you might create on a whiteboard or in a tool like OmniGraffle. There’s a free version, which lets you use built in stencil libraries and export to PNG. The paid version gets rid of upgrade reminders, allows you to export to Basecamp, import libraries, and install on multiple machines.

HTML Wireframe Tool

This is an interesting looking tool that lets you create HTML wireframes using a web interface. You specify your grid, then insert one of the pre-defined UI components into the page. An inspector lets you modify the component attributes. There isn’t any information about who is responsible for this tool and if it’s merely an experiment or a demo of something we can expect to see in an application or framework.