ixEdit: Visual Tool for Prototyping with jQuery

ixEdit is a JavaScript-based interaction design tool for the web. With IxEdit, designers can practice DOM-scripting without coding to change, add, move, or transform elements dynamically on your web pages. It’s specifically designed for HTML prototyping and allows designers to build interactive interfaces directly in the browser, and provides the code to copy and paste into the HTML page.

Works with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or IE. Watch the video below to see how it works.

I haven’t minded writing the jQuery for the prototyping toolkit I’ve been working with, but this is much better for a lazy, sloppy coder like me. So I’m including this as well.

Via @5w


Chroma-Hash Password Masking

Chroma-Hash is a jQuery script that Mattt Thompson created to explore a visual method for confirmation password matches during confirmation on login and registration forms. The idea is similar to Identicon, but uses a small colored bars in the input to visually check your strings. He describes the project on Mattt.com and you can try the demo out on GitHub or download it. Versions supporting other libraries are also linked from this page.

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iPhone-like Passwords using jQuery

Stefan Ullrich’s jQuery plugin on the DECAF site provides a behavior for masking passwords that is familiar to mobile users. The plugin obscures previously entered characters at delayed intervals or when new characters are entered. It falls back on using the browser’s password masking when JS is disabled.



ABtests.com is a new service from Bokardo, Performable, and Kissmetrics that will allow people test their web sites/applications and share that knowledge with others, making everyone smarter in the process. They’ll let you upload and share your results, view other people’s test results.