Mike Rohde’s Sketchnote font can be purchased on Delve for desktop and webfont use. Mike created the font for the Sketchnote handbook and writes about its design on his blog. The family has four fonts: Sketchnote Text in Reg­ular, Bold and Italic, plus Sketchnote Square.

Sketchnote Text is a friendly, casual script with a bouncy baseline and a warm texture. To emulate natural hand­writing, OpenType features auto­matically switch be­tween multiple versions of each letter or number, with over 240 alter­nates in each text font. OpenType kerning classes are used with unique kerns made to tame pairings of all those wily alter­nates for con­sistent spacing.

Sketchnote Square is a bold, somewhat com­pressed head­line type that complements the text fonts. Drawn in­stead of written, the characters in Square have neat little hap­pen­stance voids within the strokes. Square also fea­tures a handy selection of fun icons, rules, and arrows—some functional tidbits for your design projects.

I”ve already purchased a license for myself and used it in Mockups and it’s outstanding. You can peep it in a wireframe here. The character there is perfect.

You can download the whole family for $99, or by individual fonts for $29. More info at Delve.