SugarSync's upload file behavior uses a customized interface that is not typical. Instead of using the browser behavior for handling file uploads using <input type=”file”>, which typically provides an input and browse button in Firefox and Internet Explorer, SugarSync uses a single button to invoke the file browsing window, and then displays the file's name in HTML.

To be fair, Safari provides a slicker interface for file uploads, which doesn't display an input, but only a button, and then shows the file name next to the button when a file is found. Safari users can actually also drag file names into the browse button from the finder.

1. The file manager.
2. Clicking "Upload File" from the menu displays dialog to upload via web-based application or via desktop application.
3. Clicking web-based uploader displays web browser's File Upload window.
4. When the file has been selected, the window displays the found file name. User has the option to remove the file, upload it, or cancel.