About This Site

This is a blog in search of a purpose.

In life I’m exploring the question, “what matters now?” and this blog will jibe with each change in the journey.

I’ve been starting with a manifesto for myself, based on exploring what matters to me. On a trail run in June these words came to me. I’m considering them my manifesto for the moment.

I move because if I’m standing still, I’m dying.

I create, as my soul knows no better way to be free.

I love like it’s the only thing that matters.

This is a pretty good description of the actions and people at the top of the list of what matters to me.  It's simple enough for me to follow. I move. I make. I love. I think in bullet points when I run, I guess.

There are other things I need to work on. Forgiveness, non-attachment, being more open. I could go into the deeper list of things I value and could focus on, but for the moment, I'm working on prioritizing life around the things in this list. 

For the moment...


Nice things people have said about Konigi...

Konigi is a *fantastic* resource for every User Interface Designer.

It’s perfect for those times when you’re designing a feature and you want to review all the prior art. It’s worth keeping an eye on.
noise between stations

One source I love for examples of successful interface and visual design is konigi.com. Rather than focusing on an entire site or application, they just highlight out individual nuggets of gold.

Konigi is a beautiful site chock full of inspiration for user experience designers.
Lee Ann Hutter

I think its a brilliant Idea. I am pretty sure the big game changer designs will be inspired from R&D on this website.

Konigi.com is an awesome toolbox.

Some people who have influenced me as a designer.