So it's about 1 month after I officially launched this site. If you were with me when it first went up, you may have noticed a few minor changes. I started out getting as many things up as I could, and am now evaluating the effectivenes of some decisions and simplifying. Some of the issues around changes have to do with figuring out what works best, others are based on issues having to do with services.

Most notable changes:

  • I turned off design submissions temporarily because the screenshot service I was using ceased to function. Am considering now just allowing the submission pool to exist, but there will only be screenshots on hover using the service.
  • I turned on interface submissions. This requires that you take a screenshot with a tool of your choice (I would recommend Skitch or Jing) and posting it to the pool.

Upcoming changes in March-April timeframe:

  • Formatting content to put out complete RSS feeds with images. Requires doing some views work on Drupal with my custom content types.
  • Feedburner email newsletter with full content in the feed including a preview of submissions.

That's it for now. I know that posting is slow, but it's regular. I'm trying to emphasize the curative nature of this site rather than going for volume. Everyone else does the volume posting well.