So I'm working on this hand drawn font and looking at characters with diacritics is having a weird effect on me. While working on it, the รถ character reminded me of something from my childhood and I had to remake it in type.

So if you can guess what this is by @ing me on Twitter or in G+ if we follow each other there, I'll give you a floppy disk notebook from my stash, and a few sketch pads. Game on. Happy Friday.


@dakotareese came closest within minutes, then @emenel and @sjaa guessed it.

The inspiration was the Martians, aka Yip Yips, from Sesame Street:

I don't know how he got so close with just nothing but those 3 letters to go by, but @dakotaresse wins the prize if he wants it. And if you're curious, it's Futura in the middle flanked by Gill Sans.