Cartoon Network are building a new online gaming community that hopes to challenge the model of the Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) with FusionFall, a game that leverages a community of players, but doesn't require the long term buildup of skillsets and earned resources.

We're not building a game for hardcore gamers who will spend 60-plus hours a week here. If you think of those as hour-long dramas on TV, we want to be the half-hour sitcom. All of our missions are built in a way that they can be completed in 30 minutes at most. That get-in-and-get-out style of play is what makes casual gaming so popular, and we hope it is what will make 'FusionFall' popular.

The game producers are hoping to capitalize on what they see as a growing interest in casual gaming, by providing a space that appeals to gamers who want bite-sized gameplay inside a more collaborative gaming space. The audience for this game are the youngsters who might now play Club Penguin, Habbo Hotel, and Runescape.

The Reuters article writes that the release of the game has been delayed to Fall because the producers won't release it until it's ready, citing the depth that has to be developed to get the experience right.