These are the resources I’ve found for creating masks for personal use or to batch create for the medical support community. These are not intended to replace PPE, but is an alternative should the medical community run out of supply.

A few things to note. I’ve read that the N95 masks are not meant to be re-used, but should be disposed of after use because they cannot be easily disinfected. For that reason, it’s been recommended that people create their own masks and wash them daily. This would help you to keep from spreading the virus if you have it. It also prevents us from buying the commercially manufactured N95 masks that are needed by medical staff.

I’ve seen a few people note in comments that it’s important if you’re making these masks for medical staff that you use 2 different colored panels or mark one side with an X or some kind of pattern so that the user does not accidentally turn the outside in and expose themself to whatever may have made contact with the front.

Sewing a Mask With a Filter

Sewing a Mask Without a Filter

No-Sew Mask