Design Observer points to the 1999 ABC Nightline program that took an inside look at IDEO.

How does the process of designing a better product work? To show you, Nightline went to Palo Alto, CA to the designers at IDEO, and gave them the toughest problem we could think of. Take something old and familiar like the shopping cart and completely redesign it in just five days.

IDEO's unique brand of brainstorming is called ''Deep Dive,'' a sort of total immersion into the problem at hand. It's one company's secret weapon for innovation.

There is a great quote in video 2 that I took away with me. "Enlightened trial and error succeeds over the plans of the lone genius." This was a reaction to the question about why a team vote on brainstorming trumps a boss's opinion. There's also the adage, "Fail Often To Succeed Sooner" that's often referenced at IDEO, regarding their prototyping process. It's great to see the process of ideation, refinement, organization and focusing, and prototyping in this video.