JazzMutant creates the Lemur and Dexter, multi-touch hardware controllers for audio production, live music and media performance.

What I like about this is that it shows how much closer multi-touch brings devices to the experience of using analogous hardware controls like knobs, buttons, and sliders without any physical limitations. I once blog bitched about the fact that the Traktor DJ software I played for a few years limited the fun, and the ability to mix with two hands because at the time you could only use one input device, the mouse, to control the mixer. That was before other midi controllers that worked with Trakktor existed. It was nothing like simultaneously controlling sliders and knobs with two hands on a mixer. I jumped that ship and went to M Audio's Exponent, which filed the 2 hand gap better.

Devices like JazzMutant's Dexter prove how versatile a single touch screen can be. They show the tablet being used as a mixer, light controller, and even for controlling parts of cool production tools I can handle, like Ableton Live. Check out the video below showing the 2 hand control of Live (intro in Italiano). Jump to :20 for the demo.

Sweet. All the multi-touch table demos for consumers and everything is cute. But the super cool stuff to me is where multi-touch is being used in pro apps like this.