Kid Stuff is a start page with learning resources for elementary school kids. I created it for my 3rd grade son during this time of remote learning while sheltered at home. If you have a 1st-5th grade student, perhaps some of these may be helpful for you too.

Seeing the number of resources that are being utilized by our public school system and the many new resources that I am now becoming aware of reminded me of the start page I created for my eldest son when he was homeschooled (he's now a 19 year old college freshman). I found an old copy of it on the Internet Archive that I had started around 2003.

My youngest kiddo is among a generation that are more comfortable with touch input on iPads and iPhones than hardware keyboards and mice. It's been interesting observing the differences in their technical experience, given that they're only 10 years apart. So I got him a Chromebook and he's now getting used to the keyboard and trackpad. We haven't bothered with mouse.

If you have a youngster, check out the Kid Stuff page and let me know if you have any other recommendations!