I spend a lot of time sketching interface ideas on paper. Typically I sketch wireframes and storyboards on graph paper, then redo the final documents in OmniGraffle. But lately, I've been using paper for more than just sketching. Now, after spending time sketching ideas and working out design issues, I start to do higher fidelity drawings on paper, scan them, post them to our system. We discuss and iterate, and the process repeats until we're happy, and I spend less time pushing pixels around.

As a result of this method of working, I've been wanting my graph paper to be more suitable to the way I work and the kinds of drawings I do. So I've come up with the different types of graph paper. You see here. You'll find styles for wireframing user interfaces, story boarding interaction, and plotting values based on simple criteria using a two by two grid. We throw in a basic grid got anything else that might come up.

These pages are great for sketching, but also work well when producing high fidelity drawings. The title bar and grid lines are photo-safe, so they won't show up when you scan them into your computer. The thick black lines for boxes will show in scans and are 2px wide to match the weight of Pentel Sign Pens.

So if you're interested, find out more about Konigi Graph Paper or download these for your self.