That's OmniGraffle, not Original Gangster. It's been over a year since the last update to my OmniGraffle Wireframe Stencils. I'm due for a new version after some cleanup and organization into separate stencils to make use of OG5's nice new stencil panel. The above is the current state of my working stencil in all its ugly glory.

Also in my stencil directory are a bunch of pre-fabricated stencils for the projects I've worked on in the past 2 years at Sling and at Traction. So there's a lot of social networking, video controls, and now a growing arsenal of application-oriented controls now that I'm helping to define the user experience of Traction Software. You'll hopefully be able to try some of that stuff out in Q1/2 of 2009. And sometime in '09 you'll be able to use those stencils as well, as I plan to release them to the public.

There will be more on the toolset after the new year, so stay tuned.