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Skillshare Course on Rapid Wireframing

I published a free course for Balsamiq users on Skillshare. The course, Rapid Wireframing: Finding the Right Product Design, is designed for those new to Balsamiq, but also features some demonstration of new features like Quick Draw (using the mouse to block out wireframe zones) and Alternates (creating alternate versions of screens). If you’re a veteran user, you may be interested in checking that out, and updating to the latest version to take advantage of these useful new ways of working on projects.

You’ll learn how to successfully create wireframes for early stage product design as I show how to use Balsamiq Mockups to design interfaces with product teams, using the example requirements from UX Apprentice.

In the 51 minute course, you’ll see how concept selection can be tackled with low-fidelity wireframes, learn to create rough sketches to explore ideas, and then transform them into interaction design solutions that can be refined quickly, and polished for presentation.

The class is perfect for product managers, developers, and those new to designing with wireframes. No prior knowledge or experience with interface design is required. By the end, you’ll be able to present wireframes for a finished product idea and demonstrate a clickable prototype.

Start taking the free course at Skillshare now!

5.25 Inch Floppy Sketchbook Is Back

Remember these? From 2009-2010 I these sketchbooks for a while, using a 5.25" floppy disk as a notebook cover. I kind of missed them, so I made a limited number in blank and grid paper.

It’s a wirebound 5.25 inch square sketchbook with about 120-130 pages (60-65 sheets) of 70 pound white vellum paper, hand-crafted by me in my home North of the SF Bay. You can buy a book with blank sheets or one printed with 1cm grid in warm gray ink. Inside you’ll find a floppy disk pocket, and a disk label. Hope you like them! They’re a head turner. :)

Get yours at the shop while they last! Shipping inside the US only this time around.

Creating Polished Wireframes in Balsamiq

For Balsamiq users or anyone that bemoans handwritten fonts and sketchy wireframes, I wrote an article to show how to create polished wireframes in Balsamiq on our UX blog. It shows how to use the wireframe skin with a few base controls, and techniques to achieve a minimalist aesthetic. It’s meant for those who need to create client-ready deliverables, or for when the sketchy-skin gets in the way of communicating your ideas. You can keep generating screens fast, but polish the details when you need to.

Read the article at the Balsamiq blog.