The Printed Blog is an interesting project that aims at publishing a newspaper of weblogs and user generated content. I like the idea of using this as a PDF rather than as a printed newspaper, since I no longer read printed newspapers. I also like the newspaper format, and have been using Tabbloid to peruse my must read daily feeds rather than using my RSS reader lately.

I wonder, however, about taking online media and making analog versions of it. I can see this being most useful on mobile devices and ebook readers for someone like me, but I don't know that I want an actual newspaper. Would help if I commuted every day I suppose. For PDF and any electronic format, I think you'd want a single column layout rather than multi-column, however, because it's a pain to scroll up and down on smaller monitors. Would be nice if they eventually offer this as a service for ebook/pdf reader software or via their own mobile apps. Then they'd have me.