The sketchbooks are back in stock. In this round, I've also made a handful with white elastic bands, which I think looks pretty cool contrasting against the black covers. I've also started including a barebones option without elastic, inner pocket, or pencil. The standard option is $16 and the barebones option is $2 less.

The standard option is hand-crafted by me here in Brooklyn, so they'll sell out faster than the barebones options. This is essentially the same sketchbook I've been making for myself for the past year, only now with the aid of printing and binding done by a printer. As you may know, the notepad production was done as a "beta test" product, with a few iterations before getting the design right. I'm doing the same with these, which is why the product gets slightly tweaked each time it's sent out, until the grid and the packaging is right. For those interested, the graph paper storyboard and wireframe grid notepads are now being printed and will be available for purchase via Amazon next month.

A note about shipping. If you are outside the US or Canada, I apologize, but there really aren't any options to ship outside the US that are affordable presently for the scale of production I'm doing. In the past I shipped USPS First Class International, and some orders got lost in route. The only trackable option is Priority Mail.

Keep in mind that some of these products are "beta tests" of the product idea, are produced in small quanitity, and may be hand crafted. If there is enough demand, I will seek better fulfillment options, as is being done for the wireframe and storyboard notepads. But for now, I can only ship affordably within the US and Canada. Sorry about that.