This is pretty incredible. Eva-Lotta Lamm's self-published book contains 2 years' worth of illustrated sketchnotes from dozens of UX / Design events and conferences, featuring talks from over 100 speakers and panelists.

Some of the events covered in the book are UXweek 2009, d.construct 2010, Flash on the Beach 2010, UXcamp Europe 2010, offf 2010, UXcamp London, Internet Week Europe 2010, various London IA events and RSA talks.

The book contains notes from talks by Edward Tufte, Scott McCloud, Jesse James Garrett, Ryan Singer, Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry, Dave Gray, Whitney Hess, Stephen Anderson, Andy Budd, Richard Rutter, Eric Reiss, Giles Colborne, Mr. Bingo, Julien Vallée, Matt Pyke, David MacCandless and many more. You can see examples of Eva-Lotta's sketchnotes on flickr.

More info about the book here at her book site. I just purchased a copy for myself.