I wanted to take a moment before I start the New Year's reveling with my family to thank all of you for the past year.

It's been a great second year discussing and learning with all of you via Konigi. I've connected with so many awesome UX designers by posting my thoughts and experiments on the site, meeting up in the NYC area at social gatherings and conferences, and in the exchange of little tweets here and there.

To end a great year, I promised to donate 50% of sales proceeds to New York City charities that fight poverty and homelessness, and you guys came through with your support. With your help, I was able to donate $800 ($400 each) to The Food Bank of New York City and Robin Hood.

I thank all of you who bought my little sketchbooks, notepads, icons, and stencils. Every one of them counted, and while the dollars may be small compared to what corporations give, I feel good knowing that this is a giving effort that's been powered by an indie spirit and hand made goods. It's felt so good that I'm going to make the promise to donate of a percentage of sales a regular part of what I do as long as I sell stuff on this site.

So cheers to the great UX community that I'm fortunate enough to be a part of. I wish all of a you an ass kickin' Twenty Ten!