After repeatedly using a pattern of term + description to describe something, I wondered if other people in my Twitter-sphere used the same or similar language to describe a common artifact.

My question started:

I was wondering if people used different terms to describe either drawings made in software or on paper that describe a screen view at a high level of abstraction that uses only lines and labels.

Accompanied by this screenshot:

It's interesting to learn that we use so many terms to describe essentially the same thing, although some of the confusion in this discussion might be with understanding what I meant by my question:

Flow Diagrams, Low Fidelity, Doodles and Notes, Page Maps, Schematics, Storyboards, IA, High Level Concept, Gray Box Wireframes, Whatever the client calls them, Boxes and Lines, Blockyframes, Scribbles on Paper, Blueprints, Page Zones (also Zoning and Zone Diagrams), Models, Conceptual UI Sketches, Thumbnails, Sketches

You can imagine the challenge we have educating about the pieces of a design process when the language is so variable. The thread is captured at Storify.