The sketch book is finally available in the store. It's a small 8.25 x 5.5 inch wirebound book that lays flat, has a 24 x 24 grid with note block on the front (landscape orientation) and 48 x 24 grid on the back (landscape or portrait). Includes 50 perforated sheets (100 pages) printed in non-photo blue ink, and an interior flap on the back cover. For the first set sold, I'm also including a Zebra 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Yay, you!

As you may know, I've been looking for a notebook with a grid that works well for a UI designer's workflow, similar to the larger letter sized graphpaper, but made to be small and portable. I'm accustomed to doing initial sketches small and rough. The smaller sized paper lets you work more freely and loosely I find, so you can generate many ideas before selecting and refining. This sketch book is the one I've been using for this work.

It helps with my workflow because I now have the small format for sketches, the larger format for refinement of ideas, and the OmniGraffle templates for deliverables. Each of these has the same number of grid columns and I'm continually working to improve the consistency between them so the flow makes the translation of ideas smooth from one format to another.

I hope you enjoy using these as much as I do. They go on sale for $16 and I'll be selling them in limited quantities for the time being. More info about the book in the store.