I'm pretty excited about the announcement we at Balsamiq were able to make jointly with the group at StackExchange today. The two groups have been working together to integrate Mockups into the UX StackExchange. You can now post Mockups wireframes with questions and answers to UX.StackExchange.com using the free integrated Mockups editor.

I'm really excited about this. One of the conversations Peldi and I had before I joined Balsamiq was about creating something I've wanted to use for a long time--a site where you could upload wireframes to vet ideas, get feedback, and test concepts with other peer professionals. I'm of the "show me, don't tell me" school of communication. Luckily the excellent UX version of StackExchange was created, and Mockups had the plugin model to integrate with it nicely, so lazyweb wishes can happen without even asking.

Here's a bit from our announcement at Balsamiq:

If you don't know what StackExchange is, you've been missing out. It's a collection of community-edited and moderated question and answer websites, each dedicated to becoming the single best online resource on a number of different topics. The most famous StackExchange site is StackOverflow.com, the ultimate Q&A site for programming questions. Other popular StackExchange sites are Startups.StackExchange.com or English.StackExchange.com, about the English Language and its Usage. See a full list here.

About a month ago we were excited to see that UX.StackExchange.com launched publicly, and thanks to the long beta period had already become a wonderful resource for anyone interested in creating better software.

Some users had been posting Mockups to the site, and finally user Moshe Berman posted this question asking if the site could license Mockups. Peldi got a message from Joel Spolsky, the two groups iterated on ideas in myBalsamiq, and the rest is history.

You can find out more about how to use Mockups in the UX StackExchange in our blog and in this thread on UX.SE.